I’m Lindsey, owner and lead photographer of Lindsey Nicole Photography. As a fine art film and digital photographer, I have a soft spot for documenting love stories as well as authentic, chic and utterly romantic engagements of all kinds. I am grateful to have a career I adore that allows me to travel the world, a best friend for a husband and two fur babies that have my heart.

      I am passionate about pretty much all things that involve design and creativity. Besides photography, I’m minorly obsessed with interior design and I have been dancing since I could walk (which is embarrassing kitchen dancing now more than anything). I love a good cocktail or glass of wine, a great pair of heels, I can’t go a day without my coffee and I’m always up for a girls night.

      As a women who loves creating relationships and hearing a good love story, come say hi!

      Excited to meet you!